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Consumer attitudes to functional food and drink in Thailand in 2017

Published: November 2017 This Taste & Nutrition Claims report examines future opportunities for the functional food and drink market in Thailand. The report examines how a growing middle class in the country is taking a proactive approach to health maintenance, and is interested in seeking out a wide variety of groceries that help boost health. The report provides strategic recommendations on how to best target these consumers.

Categories: Claims, Taste and Nutrition
Regions and Countries: Asia Pacific, Thailand

Evaluating taste and nutrition in Thailand in 2017

Published: October 2017 This Taste & Nutrition Country report examines the attitudes and behaviors of consumers in Thailand when it comes to healthy eating and drinking habits. In particular, the report examines key topics such as meal-time habits and snacking, attitudes towards "better-for-you" products and the extent that consumers are actively seeking out groceries that boost their health. The report highlights how brands can target health conscious consumers with products that are positioned around health and indulgence without the compromise.

Categories: Country, Taste and Nutrition
Regions and Countries: Asia Pacific, Thailand

Understanding consumer attitudes to clean label in Thailand in 2017

Published: September 2017 This Taste & Nutrition report examines the issue of clean label in Thailand, identifying opportunities for industry players in the food and drink sectors, and highlighting what pitfalls to avoid. The report examines consumer awareness to clean label and what claims related to clean label are of most importance to consumers across a number of food and drink sectors. From this, the report then focuses on the issues of ingredient and nutritional labeling simplification, providing strategic recommendations on how to make clean label claims more influential on purchase behavior.

Categories: Clean Label, Taste and Nutrition
Regions and Countries: Asia Pacific, Thailand

Understanding consumer trends in the Thailand grocery market

Published: October 2016 This Country Profile report examines consumer attitudes and behaviors in Thailand. Based on FMCG Gurus' unique mega-trend framework, the report examines evolving consumer trends across the grocery market in a country where the economy and middle class continues to grow but at the same time consumer spending power continues to be somewhat limited. The report examines how in a country that is at something of a crossroad when it comes to traditional and modern approaches to life, evolving trends are influencing consumption habits - and what FMCG industry players can do to capitalize on this.

Categories: Country Profiles
Regions and Countries: Asia Pacific, Thailand

Consumer and Market Trends - Bakery in Thailand

Published: February 2017 This Category Insight Report examines the bakery sector in Thailand from a market and consumer perspective. Examining the biscuit, bread and cakes & pastries categories, the report provides historical and projected market data figures, consumer survey insight on the bakery market when it comes to key trends such as health & wellness, quality & indulgence and convenience & simplicity, as well as strategic recommendations for industry players targeting the sector.

Categories: Bakery, Category Insight
Regions and Countries: Asia Pacific, Thailand