FMCG Gurus - Convenience & Simplicity – Global 2020

Convenience & Simplicity – Global 2020

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Whether an inevitable consequence of modern living or something that is self-inflicted, consumers are feeling more time-scarce than ever before as they look to cram as many activities into the day as possible. Consumer insights show this is something that consumers recognize is impacting on their physical and cognitive health, especially as they feel they lack the time to relax or spend time preparing healthier food. This is leading to changing market trends where consumers are becoming more dependent on convenience food and drink products than ever before. Whilst consumers appreciate products that save time however, they are unwilling to sacrifice other product attributes such as sensory appeal and health in favor of convenience. FMCG Gurus Convenience & Simplicity global report (2020) examines consumer attitudes and behavior, whilst understanding what opportunities exist for the food, drink and supplement industries, and what challenges brands must overcome.

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February 2020



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