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Consumer Insight

  • Use our mega-trend framework to gain a holistic, 360° understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviors across national and international grocery markets.
  • Learn how consumer attitudes and behaviors will evolve and the impact of this.
  • Develop proactive strategies to capitalize on evolving consumer behavior and ensure that brands and products offer maximum added value.

Shopper Insight

  • Understand the latest shopper behaviors both in-store and on-line and the key issues when it comes to buying groceries.
  • Understand the complexities of shopper behavior using our shopper segmentation model.
  • Develop strategies based on evolving shopper need states to better capture attention and influence purchasing habits.

Category Insight

  • Identify the hottest trends shaping consumption habits across different categories.
  • Determine how to better capture consumer attention in the aisle and encourage consumers to trade-up.
  • Develop strategies to ensure that new product development in product categories aligns with evolving consumer needs.

Ingredients Insight

  • Understand the latest trends in the ingredient world from a consumer perspective.
  • Identify key consumer audiences that ingredients will most appeal to and how to target these consumers.
  • Develop strategies so that consumers understand the benefits of certain ingredients and actively seek out such ingredients when buying groceries.

Packaging Insight

  • Understand the latest hot packaging trends from a consumer perspective and how these trends will evolve.
  • Ensure packaging aligns with evolving consumer and shopper trends.
  • Evaluate packaging concepts versus consumer interaction and engagement, what works and more importantly why.

Topics and Discussion

  • Read expert opinions and post other topics to start debates and create idea generation on our forum.
  • Use our website to act as a genuine innovation hub and share ideas with fellow FMCG professionals.
  • Enables you to maintain constant interaction with our analysts.

Our syndicated research publication schedule provides reports, insight packs and case studies


A unique service integrating consumer, shopper and category trends into your business strategy


Our category trend analysis and product case studies cover all areas of FMCG


Consumer Insight

Gain a complete, holistic overview of the modern consumer by evaluating how different demographic groups and individual perception influence consumer and shopper behavior. Analyze the consumer to safe guard your future.

Idea Generation

Generate hot new ideas and innovation from a consumer, shopper and category perspective when it comes to product formulation, positioning, packaging and marketing. We give you the ability to make more informed decisions.

Product Development

Understand your consumer’s needs and wants and how they will evolve to ensure you maximize your potential to develop products that tomorrows consumers will want today. We ensure you stay ahead in the market.

Retail Strategy

Understand how consumer’s grocery shop and what strategies can be developed to ensure that consumer attitudes manifest into actual shopping behaviors.

Cross Category Innovation

Evaluate the latest trends and developments across different categories, allowing you to gain inspiration that can help reinvigorate the categories you operate in.

Supply Chain Management

Develop competitive advantages across the whole supply chain through ensuring that packaging and ingredient strategies align with consumer attitudes and behaviors.