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Can CBD Help With Sleep?

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Can CBD Help With Sleep?

Consumers across the globe are struggling to get to sleep in the evening. This is something that can impact on quality of life in the short-term and lead to more serious health problems in the long-term, something that consumers recognize. Consumers admit that worry is the main reason why they are struggling to get to sleep, with worries about health and finance keeping people awake at night. As consumers embrace the concept of holistic health, they are making fundamental changes to their diets and lifestyles, hoping that their sleeping patterns are improving as a result. One opportunity that exists when it comes to targeting sleep deprived consumers is products that contain CBD oil. The key is reassuring consumers about the safety of such products.

Across the globe, consumers are struggling to get a good night’s sleep, something that is having an impact on quality of life and leading to the risk of day-to-day and long-term health problems. In Q3 2019, FMCG Gurus surveyed 26,000 consumers across twenty-six different countries about their sleep habits. The research found that only 44% of global consumers say that they are satisfied with their sleeping patterns. Satisfaction is highest in Africa (53%) and lowest in South America (37%).

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An analysis of typical sleep habits shows that consumers can often struggle to get to sleep and once they are asleep, this sleep is often interrupted. For instance, a total of 25% of consumers say that in the average night they get less than five hours per sleep, with consumers in Africa (33%) the most likely to cite this and consumers in Asia-Pacific the least (20%). Additionally, 33% of consumers say that they often struggle to get to sleep at night, with consumers in Europe (35%) and North America (34%) the most likely to cite this. Finally, a total of four in ten consumers (39%) say that they tend to be woken at least twice in the night when sleeping. This time, consumers in Europe (40%) and Asia-Pacific (39%) are the most likely to say this. This shows that for many, they do not get a good night sleep from a value or volume perspective.

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