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We work with FMCG Gurus to provide our customers with valuable insights on their end consumers – highlighting the needs for natural solutions. FMCG Gurus being an external & independent provider ensure credible and un-biased research.

CHR Hansen

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FMCG Gurus team is very responsive and flexible with our requirements.  Always a pleasure to work with.  The information they provide has also been very valuable in helping us get an insight into consumer needs and behaviours in multiple markets.


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FMCG Gurus has a strong capability within building relevant and useful insights. Their focus has a good balance between fact and insights, which makes their reports and material relevant to clients. Unlike some of their competitors they put more emphasis on deriving true insights with an edge and reason rather than purely stating observations, data and facts.


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FMCG Gurus provides excellent insights into big consumer topics within multiple, but can also provide you with insights on specific topics that are relevant to your business. Besides that, it is just really nice working with them.


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FMCG Gurus offers a unique database with primary research data at a highly competitive price. Its value is in the broadness of research topics ranging from category surveys e.g. bakery, dairy to research on clean label or flavours. For subscribers to this database, FMCG Guru also offers very cost-effective questionnaire-based research for clients.


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Working for several years already with FMCG Gurus, I am very pleased with their service and flexibility. They really listen to the needs of their customers.


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