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Medical Nutrition

What is Medical Nutrition?

Medical Nutrition refers to medical foods used under the supervision of health practitioners to help with health maintenance or recovery from an illness or disease.

Our Medical Nutrition research examines all aspects of consumption occasions from purchasing and usages to after-effects to identify how products can be continuously improved to make consumption occasions as easy and enjoyable as possible.

How can it help?

With an ageing population, developments and innovation are not just in medicines but also in the way they are administrated. Ultimately, patients are still consumers, and they want products to not only help aid in their recovery but also align to the challenging need states that exist when it comes to key product attributes such as affordability, taste and texture ease.

We evaluate food, beverages, supplements forms, and enteral nutrition products to enhance brand and product loyalty through making consumption occasions and delivery formats on Medical Nutrition products more suitable for the end-users.

Nutritional management is more than medicine, discover what really matters to patients and end-users to stay ahead.

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