FMCG Gurus - FMCG Gurus – Evaluating the Uncertainty & Future Outlook of COVID-19

FMCG Gurus – Evaluating the Uncertainty & Future Outlook of COVID-19

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COVID-19 is a once in a lifetime pandemic in which the consequences are long-lasting and wide-ranging. This – combined with the inevitable recession that the globe is facing – is something that is impacting of the way that consumers are thinking and behaving, something that has profound implications when it comes to topics such as health and sustainability and shopping habits. As brands look to re-evaluate strategies for 2020 and beyond in an era of uncertainty, it is crucial to understand how attitudes and behaviors are evolving and what this means for the industry.

Key objectives of this report:
– Understand how consumers plan to improve their health in the wake of COVID-19.
– Determine what ingredient and product claims will be most influential on shopping behavior.
– Examine how shopping habits are evolving and the implications of this.
– Recognize how attitudes and behaviors towards sustainability claims will evolve and why this is.

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  •   FMCG-Gurus-Evaluating-the-Uncertainty-and-Future-Outlook-of-COVID-19-Global-2020-Report.pdf
  •   FMCG-Gurus-Evaluating-the-Uncertainty-and-Future-Outlook-of-COVID-19-Global-2020-Report.pptx

May 2020