FMCG Gurus - FMCG Gurus – Sustainability – Regional Report – Asia Pacific 2022

FMCG Gurus – Sustainability – Regional Report – Asia Pacific 2022

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FMCG Gurus – Sustainability Trends in Asia Pacific 2022

Report Description

FMCG Gurus’ Sustainability Trends in Asia Pacific report looks into the importance of sustainability and the environment through consumption. We provide insights into the concerns around global warming, carbon emissions, plastic pollution and more. This report also reveals the steps consumers are taking to adopt environmentally-friendly consumption habits, like reducing food waste and plastic use.

This report will look at the following areas:

  • The extent to which consumers are concerned about the state of the environment.
  • Areas that consumers are concerned about in the food and drink industry.
  • Changes that consumers have made to their lifestyles through environmentally-friendly intentions.
  • The challenges that consumers are facing when leading an environmentally friendly lifestyle.
  • Consumer attitudes and behaviors toward brands use of environmental pledges, including carbon footprint, global warming, sustainable packaging and more.
  • Product categories that are most important to consumers in terms of environmental claims.
  • Consumer dietary changes to lead more environmentally friendly lifestyles.
  • Insights into recycling and the short shelf lives of products.

Files included in this report

  •   FMCG-Gurus-Sustainability-Regional-Report-Asia-Pacific-2022.pdf
  •   FMCG-Gurus-Sustainability-Regional-Report-Asia-Pacific-2022.pptx

December 2022


Asia Pacific, Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam