FMCG Gurus - Insights & Opportunities – Eye Health – Global 2020

Insights & Opportunities – Eye Health – Global 2020

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Consumers are heavily dependent on digital devices, both for personal and professional reasons. This means that they are subject to large amounts of time in front of screens, often without taking the recommended breaks or using enough protection to protect the eyes. This combined with other factors such as aging populations and poor dietary habits mean that a high proportion of consumers are dissatisfied with their current eye health. As consumers take a holistic and proactive approach to health, they are looking to improve their eye health – even if they do not necessarily feel that they have such problems. This report examines how consumers are taking general – rather than specialist steps to improve their eye health. This is indicative of how consumers are taking overall steps to improve their health and wellness, hoping that specific parts of their health improve as a result. This report examines what can be done to the impact that modern lifestyles are having on eye health.

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January 2020



Eye Health, Healthy Ageing