FMCG Gurus - The Impact of Sustainability – Global 2020

The Impact of Sustainability – Global 2020

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Consumers feel that the state of the environment is at a tipping point and that damage done to the environment is irreversible. Whilst many feel that brands and retailers are primarily to blame for this, they are also adopting a more collective approach to protecting the environment. Consumers are looking to lead more sustainable lifestyles as they become more earth aware and concerned about a variety of issues, seeking out products that they deem to be green and clean. At the same time, they also want firm evidence that brands and retailers are acting in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner. This report examines what key concerns consumers have when it comes to ethics and the environment, and how these attitudes are shaping their behaviors. The report also examines some of the key challenges that exist when it comes to leading a more sustainable lifestyle, and how the industry can respond to this.

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January 2020



Consumer Insight, Sustainability