Our syndicated research publication schedule provides the following types of reports:

  • Global Consumer Mega-Trend Reports: These reports use our global mega-trend framework, analyzing mega-trends and related sub-trends to examine what the key issues are influencing consumer attitudes and behaviors across different countries and categories.
  • Consumer Insight Reports: These report packs look at hot topics and strategic issues at the sub-trend level, focusing on trend evolution and the impact that this will have on consumer attitudes and behaviors – and what the industry can do to capitalize on this.
  • Taste and Nutrition Reports: These reports focus on how food and drink products can be positioned as both healthy and indulgent without the trade-off. Examining issues such as ingredients, categories, product claims, clean label and the five pillars of taste and nutrition, the reports look at how products can be positioned as healthy indulgences.
  • Category Insight Reports: These reports examine sectors and categories at the country level across an array of food and drink markets. The reports look at market performance, evolving consumer trends, new product development and what opportunities exist at the sector level for industry players.
  • Shopper Insight Reports: These reports examine current and evolving trends at the retail level, both online and in-store. Using a shopper journey model, the reports examine shopper attitudes and behaviors for different types of shopping missions, and the implications this has for retailers and brands.
  • Product Case Studies: These case studies examine new product launches, marketing campaigns and product re-positioning across the FMCG market, evaluating levels of success and the factors behind this.