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Understanding consumer attitudes to clean label in Argentina in 2017

Published: September 2017 This Taste & Nutrition report examines the issue of clean label in Argentina, identifying opportunities for industry players in the food and drink sectors, and highlighting what pitfalls to avoid. The report examines consumer awareness to clean label and what claims related to clean label are of most importance to consumers across a number of food and drink sectors. From this, the report then focuses on the issues of ingredient and nutritional labeling simplification, providing strategic recommendations on how to make clean label claims more influential on purchase behavior.

Categories: Clean Label, Taste and Nutrition
Regions and Countries: Argentina, South America

Evaluating taste and nutrition in Argentina in 2017

Published: October 2017 This Taste & Nutrition Country report examines eating and drinking habits in Argentina. In particular, the report examines how westernization has resulted in a rise in lifestyle related health problems which are causing a concern to consumers. However at the same time, consumers have high levels of self-entitlement meaning they are prone to regular treating, whilst perceptions of time-scarcity are something impacting on the nutritional value of meal-time occasions. This report provides strategic recommendations on how brands can target health conscious consumers who want to make changes to their dietary habits without having feelings of compromise.

Categories: Country, Taste and Nutrition
Regions and Countries: Argentina, South America

Consumer attitudes to functional food and drink in Argentina in 2017

Published: November 2017 This Taste & Nutrition Claims report examines consumer attitudes towards functional food and drink products in Argentina. The report examines the extent to which consumers are looking to address and the reasons why there are growing levels of concern around certain health issues. The report highlights actions that brands can take to target consumers in the country.

Categories: Claims, Taste and Nutrition
Regions and Countries: Argentina, South America

Understanding consumer trends in the Argentina grocery market

Published: November 2016 This Country Profile examines consumer trends, attitudes and behaviors in Argentina, a country characterized by complexity due to factors such as westernization and and a growing middle class demographic, but at the same time high levels of inflation and a recessionary style environment. The report examines how consumer attitudes and behaviors are evolving when it comes to key issues such as health, indulgence and convenience, and what strategies FMCG industry players can adopt to help capitalize on this.

Categories: Country Profiles
Regions and Countries: Argentina, South America