FMCG Reports

Consumer and Market Trends – Soft drinks in Egypt

Published: August 2018 This Category Insight Report examines the soft drinks sector in Egypt from a market and consumer perspective. Examining the carbonated soft drinks, concentrates, juice, sports and energy drinks and bottled water categories, the report provides historical and projected market data figures, consumer survey insight on the soft drinks market when it comes to key trends such as health and nutrition, ingredients, energy and  flavor preferences across categories, as well as strategic recommendations for targeting the sector.

Categories: Category Insight, Non-alcoholic beverages
Regions and Countries: Africa, Egypt

Understanding consumer attitudes to natural food and drink in Egypt in 2018

Published: July 2018 This Taste & Nutrition report examines the topics of natural formulation and clean label products in Egypt. The report examines four key areas - consumer attitudes to natural food and drink formulation, the influence of natural product attributes on buying behavior, consumer understanding around the concept of clean label and consumer attitudes to natural colors and flavors. From this, the report provides strategic recommendations around capitalizing on consumers wanting more reassurance than ever before around the authenticity of natural claims.

Categories: Natural, Taste and Nutrition
Regions and Countries: Africa, Egypt

Understanding consumer flavor preferences in Egypt in 2018

Published: June 2018 This Consumer Insight report examines consumer flavor preferences in Egypt. The report looks at these markets - beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), impulse and the meat and savories sectors. For each sector, flavor preferences are analyzed at the category level, providing strategic recommendations for brands when it comes to new product development based on traditional and experimental, and specific flavors.

Categories: Flavors, Taste and Nutrition
Regions and Countries: Africa, Egypt

Understanding consumer trends in the Egyptian grocery market

Published: July 2018 This Country Profile report examines consumer attitudes and behaviors across the grocery market in Egypt. The report is broken into six chapters, analyzing consumer attitudes to Health and Wellness, Ingredients, Convenience and Snacking, Taste and Indulgence, Value and Loyalty and Price Sensitivity. The report focuses on key attitudes and need states governing consumption patterns now and looks to analyze how these trends will continue to evolve in the future. Critical to this, the report looks to examine how consumer attitudes manifest in actual behavior, what perceptions around consumer behavior are true and most importantly, what are the true drivers of consumption behavior in the country. The report looks to identify areas of opportunities for industry players across the FMCG market, and what pitfalls and mistakes to avoid.

Categories: Country Profiles
Regions and Countries: Africa, Egypt