FMCG Gurus Top Ten Trends 2024

FMCG Gurus Top Ten Trends for 2024



What to expect:

  • Explore the Top Ten Trends that will define the food, beverage, and supplement markets in 2024.
  • Identify influential factors that will impact consumers' decision-making process in 2024.
  • Uncover the meaning of value for consumers in 2024 and beyond and how to target them successfully.
  • Recognize the importance of health and wellbeing vs sustainability in a time of uncertainty for the modern-day consumer.

How this will help:

  • Develop clear and concise marketing strategies to successfully connect and communicate with your consumer in a time of uncertainty.
  • Create stand-out appeal in a crowded marketplace and minimize the risk of failure.
  • Determine what the key messages are that should be communicated to consumers to help drive sales and reduce price sensitivity.
  • Successfully understand the evolution of consumers in order to create marketing and innovation strategies that will meet the changing needs of consumers in 2024 and beyond.

What's included:

  • This report contains 24 pages.
  • PDF attachment.

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