FMCG Gurus -AB Biotek Webinar 2024
FMCG Gurus & AB Biotek HNH Present
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FMCG Gurus & AB Biotek HNH Present:

How ABB C1® is shaping the next wave of health innovations: Revolutionizing immunity from Prevention to Peak Performance and Beyond.

DATE: 24th April 2024
DURATION: 60 Minutes

Webinar Description:

Have you ever come across the term Trained Immunity in the realm of immunology? Research has paved the way for an exciting understanding that our immune system can be 'trained' to respond to infections faster and more efficiently, thanks to the process of trained immunity. But what if there was a solution not just proven to induce trained immunity, outperforming its competitors, but also capable of enhancing the functionality of the immune system’s other essential components, including both innate and acquired immunity?

We invite you to dive into the latest research in Trained Immunity and get acquainted with ABB C1, a groundbreaking innovation set to address every aspect of the immune system, from prevention to peak performance and beyond. Discover how ABB C1® is revolutionizing our approach to immune health.

3 Key Bullet Points:

  • Market Trends: In the current health-conscious climate, there is a growing emphasis on daily immune support, with consumers seeking solutions that cover all aspects of immune health.

  • Introducing ABB C1®: Discover a solution designed to enhance both the innate and adaptive components of the immune system as well as effectively closing the gap between them through the enhancement of trained immunity.

  • ABB C1's Protection: ABB C1® sets itself apart by offering dependable protection without triggering excessive immune reactions, making it an optimal choice for defending against infections and allergies, while ensuring safety and efficacy.


Mike Hughes

Head of Research and Insight, FMCG Gurus

Mike Hughes is Head of Research and Insight and has over 17 years’ experience analysing consumer trends across the food, drink and supplement industry. Mike has a particular interest in challenging industry perceptions when it comes to assumptions around how consumers think and behave, as well as identifying new and evolving trends across markets.

Maria Tintoré, PhD

R&D Manager - Dietary Supplements

Maria is a Pharmacist by training, she holds a PhD in Biotechnology and has experience in both academic research and in the pharma industry. Over the past 8 years Maria has devoted herself to the development of new solutions based on the microbiome, with special focus on dietary supplements and medical foods. She is an expert in pre-clinical and clinical research and in formulation development.

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