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Our Country Profiles are snapshots on market data, consumer trends, attitudes, and behaviors on a country-by-country basis.
FMCG Gurus surveys over 40 countries on an annual basis to see how consumer trends are evolving in crucial areas such as health, convenience, value, and indulgence, and what implications this may have.

Our comprehensive snapshots allow us to see how trends and consumer insights have evolved to help predict what will happen.

How can it help?

FMCG Gurus research on a country by country level allows you to identify opportunities and align new product development. We help our clients with product positioning by understanding local cultures and preferences.
Our Country Profiles looks at areas such as ingredients, health, and wellness, snacking habits, sugar preferences, and claim analysis.

We decipher key trends such as naturalness, the evolution of nutrition, sugar reduction, plant attitude and traceability to evaluate the impact these have on daily habits and the how trends such as these are shaping the future of consumer demand.

Think Global and act Country-Specific by focusing the lens on precisely what you require, and consumers need.

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