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FMCG Gurus & Kaneka Present
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FMCG Gurus & Kaneka Present:

Fully charge market innovation and respond to today's consumer perceptions of health and wellness.

DATE: 2nd April 2024
DURATION: 60 Minutes (Fireside Chat & Q&A)

Webinar Description:

During this unique discussion between Kaneka Nutrients Europe and FMCG Gurus will look at the health and wellness market in 2024 and beyond, discussing what drives value in an era of considered spending in the well-being market, what health goals are a priority, how do these differ across different demographic groups, and how can Kaneka Ubiquinol offer application and ingredient opportunities to address shifting perceptions of value and willingness to trade-up. The discussion will also focus on the roles of education, trust, and transparency within the functional market, and key messages the health and wellness market must look to deliver over the next couple of years.

Key Benefits:

Determine what product attributes and formats shape perceptions of value and influence willingness to pay a premium within the functional market.

Understand what key health objectives consumers have over the next twelve months, and the differing priorities between older and younger consumers.

Evaluate the role that education, trust, and transparency plays on product choice at a time when spending on products is more considered.


Mike Hughes

Head of Research and Insight, FMCG Gurus

Mike Hughes is Head of Research and Insight and has over 17 years’ experience analysing consumer trends across the food, drink and supplement industry. Mike has a particular interest in challenging industry perceptions when it comes to assumptions around how consumers think and behave, as well as identifying new and evolving trends across markets.

Filip Van hulle

General Manager at Kaneka Nutrients Europe

Currently, I am the general manager of Kaneka Nutrients Europe. Kaneka is a Japanese-origin manufacturer, and we have been a pioneer (since 1977) in natural Coenzyme Q10. After the introduction of Ubiquinol in 2008, our focus shifted to this active form of CoQ10. I have been involved in explaining this nutrient to the market establishing awareness and credibility in different countries and doing work with different scientists. I have worked in France, Netherlands and Belgium in different positions as broad as community pharmacist and for dietary supplement company.

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