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Idea Generation

What is Idea Generation?

FMCG Gurus provides a holistic analysis of consumer, product, and market trends, examining how they will evolve from a product and market perspective.

We discover what is influencing decision making today and how they will evolve tomorrow by evaluating all areas of the supply chain from packaging to ingredients to price and promotion. We take the biggest trends and challenges from transparency, sustainability, and sugar reduction and focus on them through the eyes of tens of thousands of consumers.

How can it help?

The failure rate of new product development stands at an all-time high. Often, this is due to many products offerings nothing new or failing to align with consumer needs and wants. Based on this, a holistic approach to product innovation and idea generation is needed through the analysis of the latest trends from a consumer, category, and product perspective. Idea generation that offers something new and relevant helps capture consumer attention in an ever-demanding marketplace.

Our platform joins these dots by connecting you with real-time analysis to help spot new opportunities and make faster decisions.

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