FMCG Gurus -NutriLeads Health and Wellness Webinar
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FMCG Gurus & NutriLeads Webinar
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FMCG Gurus & NutriLeads Present:

Navigating the Prebiotic Boom for Health and Wellness

DATE: 05 December 2023
DURATION: 45 Minutes (15 Minute FMCG Gurus Presentation | 25 Minute NutriLeads & Well Traveled Presentation | 5 Minute Q&A)

Presentation Description:

The prebiotic market continues to grow, as consumers take a proactive approach to wellness and place a high level of emphasis on addressing their digestive health and immunity – a trend that will intensify as more becomes known about the gut microbiome. This presentation will examine consumer awareness, understanding, and usage of prebiotics, and what opportunities exist within the market. We will also take a deeper dive into what prebiotics are, how they work and why not all prebiotics are the same. And why it’s important as a prebiotic supplier to show the health effects beyond gut health. Finally, we will provide a perspective from the consumer products manufacturing side.

What you will learn:

Evaluate how consumers are taking a proactive approach to health, and what this means for the prebiotics market.

Determine what the key reasons are for purchasing prebiotics and what claims on products are most influential on purchasing habits.

Understand what can be done to educate consumers more about prebiotics and the role they play in facilitating a healthy lifestyle.

Understand what prebiotics are, how they function, and what to consider when choosing a prebiotic ingredient for your consumer product.


Mike Hughes

Head of Research and Insight, FMCG Gurus

Mike Hughes is a passionate research and analysis expert with over 16 years’ experience. His knowledge spans across the entire food and drink spectrum and with a business degree from the Manchester Metropolitan University (UK), Hughes’ ability to analyse and qualify data is unmatched.

Dr Ruud Albers, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Ruud Albers is a co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of NutriLeads, a dynamic clinical-stage health ingredients company that develops crop-derived food ingredients with clinically proven health benefits. Previously, Dr. Albers worked at Unilever, where he built and led the global expert group on nutrition, immunity, and gut health in various roles up to Global R&D Director of Bioscience, Nutrition & Health Discover Platforms. From 2007 to 2012 he also chaired the ILSI-Europe task force on nutrition and immunity that published seminal papers on immunomodulation in humans. Dr. Albers obtained his Ph.D. in immunomodulation at Utrecht University and studied intestinal metabolism at Rockefeller University in New York.

Patrick Firlik

Founder & CEO, Well Traveled

Patrick Firlik is the founder and CEO of Well Traveled, a wellness brand that makes a natural drink mix for travelers that supports immune and gut health. As a frequent business and leisure traveler, Patrick learned firsthand how debilitating travel can be and was inspired to create Well Traveled as an alternative to sugary, artificial immunity products. Previously, Patrick worked at ZS as a management consultant where he specialized in go-to-market strategy and sales effectiveness for companies across a variety of industries. Patrick holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

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