FMCG Gurus - Oterra Webinar
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FMCG Gurus & Oterra Webinar
FMCG Gurus & Oterra Webinar

FMCG Gurus & Oterra present:

How natural ingredients can help reinvigorate the beverage industry

SESSION ONE: 24-11-2021     START TIME: 09:00 AM GMT (10:00 AM CET)     DURATION: 60 Minutes

SESSION ONE: 24-11-2021     START TIME: 05:00 PM GMT (06:00 PM CET)     DURATION: 60 Minutes

Session two will be the same presentation as session one.

Webinar Description: (20-minute FMCG Gurus presentation / 20-minute Oterra presentation / 20-minute Q&A)

FMCG Gurus Presentation:

This presentation by FMCG will evaluate the evolution of naturalness from a claims perspective within the beverage industry, understanding why such formulation is more critical than ever. The presentation will examine the roles that health, safety, quality, and the environment have on purchasing behavior across the non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage sectors and how industry players need to respond to ensure they offer maximum trust and value.

What you will learn:

 Understand how consumer attitudes towards ingredient claims are  evolving across the non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage market.

 Assess how the demand for better-for-you options continues to evolve  across the beverage industry.

  Evaluate the role of trust and transparency in a post-pandemic  environment and the need for consumers to fully understand product  formulation.

Oterra Presentation:

A new reality is sweeping the beverage industry, consumers want better-for-you beverages with a good back story, a hint of luxury, or an element of fun and adventure. In this webinar, we’ll explore why natural ingredients are key to this and how we can help reinvigorate your beverages. We’ll take a deep dive into natural colors and why they’re high on consumers’ natural ingredient wish-list, how they can boost your beverages – and your brand.

What you will learn:

 The importance of natural colors.

 Utilize learnings from the four trends shaping beverage formulation and  product.

 How natural colors can lift your brand and inspire new ideas.


Mike Hughes

Head of Research and Insight

Mike Hughes has over 13 years’ experience analysing consumer trends, attitudes and behaviours and currently heads up the research and insight division at FMCG Gurus. Mike has a particular interest in highlighting how consumer attitudes and behaviours can often differ and what the true meaning of trends are for the industry.

Rene Fonteijn

Industry Business Manager – Beverage

A food scientist and application specialist with a passion for beverages, Rene has over 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. With a deep interest in the latest consumer and market trends, he applies his analytical and creative skills to help beverage manufacturers develop strong concepts and innovative new products for launch around the globe.

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