FMCG Gurus - Cost of Living & Price Sensitivity free resource Download
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Cost of Living & Price Sensitivity free resource

FMCG Gurus - Cost of Living & Price Sensitivity free resource Download

Our Cost of Living & Price Sensitivity free resource explores consumer attitudes and behaviors regarding the cost-of-living crisis and provides insights into consumers shopping habits during this imminent recessionary time. Our findings highlight the common concerns among consumers about how the rising living costs will impact their health.
The report discusses the significant impact that food inflation is having on price sensitivity and the process in which consumers choose between products. Our findings uncover the kinds of qualities consumers deem most appealing when choosing food and drink products. Following this, our consumer insights present how confident or unconfident consumers feel about the state of the economy in their country.

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The report offers insight into consumer perceptions around brand loyalty during a time when consumers are actively minimizing costs in their daily lives. Our consumer insights display the types of products that consumers have become less brand loyal over during the last twelve months as a result of rising prices. In addition, the report reveals some of the steps that consumers have taken to make their shopping more affordable. Further to this, our findings explore consumers changing behaviors in foodservice outlets.

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