FMCG Gurus - Recharge and Revive Resource Download
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Recharge and Revive Resource Download

FMCG Gurus - Recharge and Revive Resource Download

Our Revive and Recharge free resource explores consumer perceptions and behaviors regarding their emotional wellness and relaxation.
The report discusses various ways that consumers have altered and re-evaluated their diets and lifestyles to improve their long-term health. However, our findings also highlight the concerns that consumers have regarding the impact of rising living costs on their health. Many consumers feel as though their mental wellness will be impacted by rising costs, such as increased feelings of worry and anxiety. Our consumer insights reveal the various areas of health that consumers are concerned about and the most appealing health claims to consumers on food and drink product packaging.

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The report offers insight into consumer attitudes and behaviors when it comes to their sleep health and the specific difficulties that consumers experience. Our findings discuss the various steps that consumers have adopted over the last twelve months to try and improve their sleeping patterns. This reveals the ways in which brands can market certain food and drink products to help aid consumers sleep health.

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