FMCG Gurus - FMCG Gurus – Top Ten Trends 2020

FMCG Gurus – Top Ten Trends 2020

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FMCG Gurus has identified 10 key trends that it believes will have a major influence on consumer attitudes and behavior and new product development over the next twelve months across the food, drink and supplement categories. This report explores the trends:

  1. Plant-Life
  2. See All, Know All,
  3. The Big Picture
  4. Good for me, Good for the Earth
  5. Re-Evaluating Health
  6. Sensory Overload
  7. Snacking Reclassified
  8. Functional Lifestyle
  9. Raw and Pure
  10. Evolution of Nutrition

Files included in this report

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January 2020



Consumer Insight, Top Trends