FMCG Gurus - FMCG Gurus – Top Ten Trends for 2023 – Global Report

FMCG Gurus – Top Ten Trends for 2023 – Global Report

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FMCG Gurus – Top Ten Trends for 2023 

Report Description:

FMCG Gurus introduces its Top Ten Trends for 2023. The report examines the key trends that will shape consumer attitudes and behaviors over the next twelve months, and what opportunities and challenges brands face when targeting these trends.

This report will look at the following areas:

  • Identifies the Top Ten Trends that will shape consumer attitudes and behaviors in 2023.
  • Looks into the variety of need states of consumers.
  • Explores our top trends: Inflationary Driven, Inclusive Era, Fuel My Mood, Eagle Eyes, Age of Innovation, Blue Planet, Technolution, Finding Balance, Taste Temptation and Proactive Profiles.

The Trends:

  • Inflationary Driven: Looks into consumer shopping habits and the impacts of today’s recessionary environment.
  • Inclusive Era: Analyzes the kinds of food and drink products consumers are turning towards which mirror their attitudes and values. This trend also explores the impact of marketing and the kind of marketing that appeals to consumers.
  • Fuel My Mood: This trend looks into emotional wellness and how consumers plan on improving this. In addition, this also reveals the kinds of products consumers are towards to aid their emotional wellness.
  • Eagle Eyes: Explores the impact of transparency from brands of the nutritional profile of products. This looks into consumer insights around ingredients and ethicalness.
  • Age of Innovation: Analyzes the different methods of innovation from brands to improve their production processes, for example, in terms of environmental pollution and the ethical treatment of farmers. This trend also looks into the consumer attitudes and behaviors around plant-based and meat-based protein sources.
  • Blue Planet: Explores consumer concerns regarding the state of the environment, food waste and renewable resources, and how these factors are impacting consumers shopping habits.
  • Technolution: This trend analyzes consumer attitudes towards food and drink via social media and the areas that they would partake in in the Metaverse. This trend also reveals consumer attitudes towards personalized products.
  • Finding Balance: Consumer perceptions of health and functional ingredients. This also touches on areas of emotional wellness, including sleep hygiene and work/life balance. This trend explores the most appealing aspects of food and drink products.
  • Taste Temptation: Reveals consumer attitudes and perceptions of new, unusual and exotic flavors, as well as the taste and texture of meat substitutes. Also looks into affordable indulgence within a recessionary environment.
  • Proactive Profiles: Draws on consumer approaches to their health and reveals the steps they are making to improve this. This trend also looks into consumer attitudes and behaviors towards digestive health and immune health.

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