FMCG Gurus - Insights & Opportunities – Immunity – Global 2020

Insights & Opportunities – Immunity – Global 2020

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Consumers are adopting a holistic approach to health, recognizing that all aspects of health are interlinked and should not be treated in isolation. Immunity is central to this, with consumers recognizing that a weak immune system is something that directly impacts on physical and cognitive health. At the same time, consumers can be worried about their immunity, concerned that factors such as age, lifestyle, dietary habits and issues such as allergies and intolerances can impact the immune system. As consumers take a more proactive and long-term approach to health maintenance and improvement, they are making changes to their lifestyles to improve their immune system. This report examines attitudes and behaviors when it comes to the immune system, investigating how consumers rate their health and how they are trying to improve it – and what the industry can do to capitalize on this.

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January 2020



Healthy Ageing, Immunity