FMCG Gurus - The Rise of CBD – Global 2020

The Rise of CBD – Global 2020

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is an ingredient that is gaining more mainstream attention because of its association with helping aid physical and cognitive health issues. It is also a market that faces significant challenges and barriers, with consumer perspectives being central to this. Consumers are re-evaluating their health and as such, are taking a greater interest in ingredients that help improve all aspects of health. The usage of CBD products is currently low across the globe. However, a much higher volume of consumers indicates that they are willing to use products, to deal with physical health problems and also cognitive issues such as feelings of stress and disrupted sleep patterns. At the other end of the spectrum, major concerns still exist about the legality of such products and the safety and side-effects associated with usage. This report examines what key opportunities exist for the CBD market across the globe, and how consumer-related barriers and challenges can be addressed.

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January 2020



CBD, Taste & Nutrition