FMCG Gurus - Three Center Stage Ingredients in 2021
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FMCG Gurus - Ten Center Stage Ingredients in 2021

Ingredient-led claims have become increasingly influential on consumer purchasing habits. This is due to three forms of consumer attitudes which are driving the demand for new ingredient innovation. Firstly, the proactive consumer, someone who is looking to actively address their health and wellbeing by adopting a holistic health approach to life. Secondly, the reactive consumer. Lifestyles and dietary habits have been changed significantly over the past 12 months as the impact of COVID-19 has left a number of consumers focusing on their health more than ever before. Finally, expectation. Consumers are becoming more educated about new ingredients and the benefits they may possess. Each of these factors is leading consumers to look for new solutions to maximize their health and wellbeing. This resource will take a closer look at 10 ingredients that FMCG Gurus believe will take center stage throughout 2021 and beyond.

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