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This report examines the ten hot trends that FMCG Gurus expects to dominate the food, drink and nutritional supplement markets over the next twelve months. These are the topics that are expected to be at the forefront of industry discussion, new product development and consumer demand over the coming year. The report dissects hot trends such as the rise of veganism and alternative diets, plant and experimental protein sources, blockchain transparency, active nutrition and consumers adopting a back to basic and green and clean approach to eating and drinking. The report provides global insight on the extent that these trends are manifesting in consumer attitudes and behavior, as well as strategic recommendations when it comes to the trends.

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Veganism and vegetarian are becoming more mainstream as meat intake is reduced

Maximum protein intake remains a key priority, with consumers seeking out more alternative sources
Products that contain fewer ingredients and are deemed real and authentic offer maximum appeal
Consumers want food and drink that offers more than basic nutrition as they look to improve health
Monitoring the whole life of a product’s supply chain and sourcing is crucial for transparency
The link between diet and health in later life is being given more attention by consumers
The probiotic market continues to become more mainstream due to digestive health issues
Growing concern around digestive health issues will also drive demand for high fiber products
Consumers are taking a greater interest in plant-based ingredients because of the link with wellbeing
Interest in products that address mental wellbeing, cognitive and eye health will intensify among consumers

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