FMCG Gurus -Understanding Prebiotics in 2022 and beyond
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Understanding Prebiotics in 2022 and Beyond
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FMCG Gurus & Beneo Present:

Understanding Prebiotics in 2022 and Beyond.

SESSION ONE: 10 NOV 2022     START TIME: 10:00 AM GMT     DURATION: 60 Minutes

Webinar Description: (20-minute FMCG Gurus presentation / 20-minute Beneo presentation / 20-minute Q&A)

Presentation Description:

This webinar offers meaningful insights on the consumers’ view of prebiotics. People are interested in a long term and proactive approach to health. And when speaking of health, they recognize the importance of digestive health. Find out why prebiotics can tap into the needs of this growing audience. When asking them what is the best-known prebiotic? It’s the chicory root!

What you will learn:

The consumers view on the gut microbiome and prebiotics.

Discover why prebiotics will grab their attention.

The science behind chicory root fibres.

How to create food and drink products with the digestive health benefits.


Mike Hughes

Head of Research and Insight

Mike Hughes has over 13 years’ experience analysing consumer trends, attitudes and behaviours and currently heads up the research and insight division at FMCG Gurus. Mike has a particular interest in highlighting how consumer attitudes and behaviours can often differ and what the true meaning of trends are for the industry.

Antje Jungclaus

Head of Nutrition Communication

Graduated in nutrition and food sciences at Kiel University, Germany and holding a PhD in food sciences from Nottingham University, UK. Antje is an expert in communicating about the nutritional benefits of our functional ingredients worldwide.

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