FMCG Gurus -Webinar Top Ten Trends 2022
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Top 10 Trends for 2022
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FMCG Gurus: Top Ten Trends for 2022

Official Sponsor: BENEO

START DATE: 25-01-2022     START TIME: 3:00 PM GMT     DURATION: 30 Minutes

Webinar Description: (20-minute presentation / 10-minute Q&A)

This webinar presents FMCG Gurus Top Ten Trends for 2022, identifying the hottest trends that will shape consumer attitudes and behaviors across the food, drink, and supplement market. Focusing on key themes such as health and wellness, sustainability, comfort and uncertainty and experimentation, The webinar will showcase how consumers think and act as they come to terms with what they deem to be the “new normal”, and crucially, what this means for the industry.

The complete Top Trends for 2022 report will be available as a handout during the webinar.


Mike Hughes

Head of Research and Insight

Mike Hughes has over 13 years’ experience analysing consumer trends, attitudes and behaviours and currently heads up the research and insight division at FMCG Gurus. Mike has a particular interest in highlighting how consumer attitudes and behaviours can often differ and what the true meaning of trends are for the industry.

What You Will Gain From This Webinar:

Explore FMCG Gurus Top Ten Trends for 2022.

Determine the short-lived and long-lasting implications of the pandemic and how this will influence consumer behavior.

Develop action-led strategies for 2022 and beyond.

Identify new and evolving trends within the market and how to capitalize on this.

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