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FMCG Gurus Ingredient Analysis

FMCG Gurus provides insight and ingredient analysis for 100's of different ingredients across the food, drinks, and supplements industries. We analyze consumer awareness, positive and negative perceptions and whether consumers are making attempts to seek our or avoid these ingredients.

Our research allows us to provide unparalleled research into the extent to which consumers examine product labeling for ingredients, the degree of influence these ingredients have on purchasing and willingness to pay a premium.

How can it help?

We allow our clients to make clear and concise decisions on ingredient formulations by exploring "new and hot” and “tried and trusted” ingredients and determine what provides the greatest influence on buying behavior.

Our 360-degree research allows us to discover and evaluate the initial awareness and linked health benefits to ingredients to what claims and actual benefits are of most importance.

We focus on the influence ingredients have on purchase behavior, how often consumers seek out actual products that contain specific ingredients, and the price barriers that may exist. We break down category walls to determine what the next significant innovation could be and more importantly, why it would work.

Our ingredient analysis provides a competitive advantage by evaluating the future of ingredients today.

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