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Healthy Ageing

What is Healthy Ageing?

Consumers are taking a more holistic approach to health as they recognize that all elements of health are interlinked. As consumers pay more attention to their physical and cognitive health than ever before, they are taking a more proactive approach to health maintenance and improvement.
Healthy Ageing identifies what the most significant health concerns are for consumers and how they are addressing these issues. Our research includes areas such as Weight Management, Probiotics, Digestive health, Cognitive health, Immunity, and Joint health.

How can it help?

Our Healthy Ageing research enables our client to understand what key health issues are of most importance to consumers and in what areas they would like to make improvements to their health. From this, identify what the key opportunities are from a country, category, and consumer perspective when it comes to products designed to help address health issues.

This in-depth consumer profiling ensures you can target consumers effectively.

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