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 Pages:  12  Topic: Convenience  Published Date:  2024

The convenience trend in the food and drink industry is driven by factors such as hectic, fast- paced lifestyles, and an increased emphasis on convenience without compromising on quality. As a result, companies in the food and drink industry are continually innovating to meet consumers’ demand for convenient, on-the-go options while also focusing on health, sustainability, and ethical sourcing to align with consumer values.

  • Highlights the barriers to healthy living, including time scarcity and price sensitivity.
  • Explores the solutions to these barriers including how brands can offer value for money and convenient, lower cost alternatives.
  • An interview with FMCG Gurus’ Head of Research & Insight, Mike Hughes, revealing the current innovations in convenience food, and how brands can create maximum appeal for their products in the convenience market.
  • Insights into snacking habits, including meal skipping and on the go formats.

Report Agenda and Insights available:

Section 1: Barriers to Healthy Living
  • [AN314] What challenges do you feel exist when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle? 2023
  • [COL471] What product attributes are influential when shaping your view on whether food and drink is good value for money? 2023
  • [COL393] Over the next twelve months, do you think you will have to compromise on any of the following attributes when seeking out food and drink products? 2023
  • [COL201] On what type of products do you feel prices have increased the most over the last twelve months? 2023.
  • [COL236] How confident are you about the state of the economy in the country where you live over the next twelve months? 2023
  • [COL186] To what extent do you agree with the following statement "I/my household is actively trying to reduce spending on food and drink" 2023
  • [COL893] Do you plan to make any of the following changes to your food and drink shopping habits over the next twelve months? 2023
Section 2: Snacking Habits
  • [SNA619] How often do you skip the following meals? 2023
  • [AN643] What food and drink formats would you like to see positioned around supporting a healthy lifestyle? 2023

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