Consumers willing to pay a premium for clean label products

6th August 2019

6 August 2019

Consumers willing to pay a premium for clean label products

When it comes to clean label, it needs to be remembered that the concept is an evolution of consumers wanting naturally formulated products. The fundamental difference is that consumers want more transparency than ever before to verify natural claims.

clean label

Clean label products are most likely to be associated with being sugar-free (46%) and free from synthetics across the globe, while such products are associated with being healthy (61%), better for the environment (44%) and tastier (31%). As such, it is not surprising that consumers are willing to trade-up on claims relating to clean and natural formulation. When it comes to product claims relating to clean label, consumers who place importance on “no added sugar” and “natural color” claims are most likely to demonstrate a willingness to trade up (52% and 50% respectively).

Consumers are paying more attention than ever before to how food and drink are formulated. At the same they, they are more skeptical than ever before when it comes to better-for-you product claims such as natural formulation. However, if brands can demonstrate maximum transparency and credibility around such claims, then consumers will demonstrate a willingness to trade-up.

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