Heart Health: Consumer Attitudes and Product Formats

21st December 2023


On a global scale, a significant proportion of consumers recognize the link between their heart health and their overall wellness. As a result, many consumers have adopted a holistic approach to aiding this area of health. This means that consumers are aware that some heart health issues are self-inflicted, through dietary and lifestyle habits. To maintain and enhance this area of health, various steps are being incorporated into consumers’ routines. These steps include seeking out heart health claims on food, drink, and supplements. Additionally, consumers are looking to improve their lifestyle habits, such as exercise and sleep patterns to improve their heart health.

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Consumer Attitudes

Overall, consumers are satisfied with their heart health, but many feel that this area of health could be improved. This highlights a proactive approach from consumers. For instance, FMCG Gurus’ consumer insights reveal that 63% of global consumers agree with that statement: I am interested in heart health products even when not suffering specific health problems. Our findings illustrate both a proactive approach from consumers and a significant interest in products and information that aid the healthy function of the heart. In today’s post-pandemic world, consumers have become increasingly proactive in maintaining and improving multiple areas of health. This is because even though consumers may not be suffering from symptoms, they are looking to take a prevention over cure approach. This way, consumers are looking to reduce their chances of illness and health complications.

Heart Health, Consumer Insights, Market Research, Health And Wellness, Holistic Health, Ingredients, Product Claims, FMCG, Food And Drink.

Claims & Product Formats

During today’s recessionary climate, consumers have adopted more considered spending decisions. However, a large proportion of consumers still continue to address their health proactively. This approach means that active ingredient claims are of high appeal to consumers. In terms of product categories, consumers are most likely to say they find heart health claims appealing in the breakfast cereal space. For example, FMCG Gurus’ market research shows that 37% of global consumers would like to see heart health claims in breakfast cereals. Our findings suggest that consumers tend to be more health-conscious in the morning.

Further to this, many consumers also like to see claims that aid the function of the heart in the bread and juice/smoothies categories. These product categories are also associated with breakfast time. This suggests that consumers deem the mornings a convenient time for functional products.

Heart Health Problems & Actions

While some people feel unsatisfied with this area of health, there have been various heart health-related problems reported at least some of the time. In general, consumers are more likely to experience day-to-day, “minor” heart health symptoms. The most common symptom is consumers feeling constantly tired. For instance, FMCG Gurus’ consumer insights reveal that 42% of consumers suffer from constant tiredness at least sometimes.

Many associate tiredness with consumers’ busy, fast-paced lives, such as poor sleep health and everyday stresses and worries. However, others feel that constant tiredness could signify a more serious health issue. This is comparable to heartburn and shortness of breath which are also symptoms experienced by consumers at least some of the time.

In terms of addressing these problems, consumers have adopted general steps, as opposed to specialist steps or advice. Our findings suggest that consumers may feel that some symptoms are self-inflicted, and can be improved through dietary and lifestyle habits.

This article is based on FMCG Gurus: Heart Health Trends – Country Reports 2023. For more information, please click here.

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