Introducing our Health and Wellness Report

30th October 2019

30th October 2019

Introducing our Health and Wellness Report

Evaluating Health & Wellness in 2019 – Global Focus is a follow on from our 2017 Global Health and Wellness report. The report covers over thirty countries and is based on the range of surveys we have conducted in 2019. The report examines seven key areas that we have determined to be the most prominent topics currently in the market from a health and wellness perspective. These topics are based on consumer sentiment, attitudes and behaviors, and evolving need states, as well as what the focal points of discussion are across the industry. Key areas covered are the War on Sugar, Sleep, Stress and Anxiety, Active Nutrition, Green and Clean, Healthy Ageing, Ingredient Opportunities and Early Life Nutrition.

The report provides an in-depth analysis of how these trends are impacting consumer attitudes and behaviors on a day-to-day basis. Moreover, the report examines how these trends are evolving and what the implications are for the food, beverage and supplement industry. When it comes to the topic of health and wellness, the issue of attitude/behavior gaps is paramount when determining what is truly happening in the market. This report looks to determine myth from reality, providing strategic recommendations on how to best target these trends. The report also provides best practices for new product development to show how innovation in the market is targeting these trends.

The report is of relevance to all product categories across the food, drink and supplement sectors as it challenges some of the biggest issues in the industry, such as if the war on excessive sugar and obesity are being won, what ingredients offer most appeal to consumers and how are concerns about the environment and everyday health shaping dietary habits.

Consumers have more need states than ever before, and these need states continue to be increasingly complex. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to the trend of health and wellness. Additionally, health and wellness continue to be the number one trend governing attitudes and behaviors as consumers adopting a holistic and long-term approach to health maintenance and improvement. At the same time, consumers continue to face more challenges than ever before when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. This explains why lifestyle-related health problems continue to become more common, despite consumers placing more importance than ever before on leading a healthy lifestyle.

This report provides a fresh and innovative look at the topic of health and wellness, allowing industry players to place themselves at the forefront of innovation and to stay ahead of the competition.

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