Consumers prefer animal protein over plant protein

7th June 2019

7th June 2019

Consumers prefer animal protein over plant protein

Much attention is given in the industry to the growing appealing of plant protein amongst consumers. This is something that is attributed to changing diets and the demand for high protein products.

A total of 46% of consumers across the globe follow a diet that is based around meat avoidance or reduction for instance.

Meanwhile, 66% of those who do not follow such a diet say they have looked to reduce consumption of meat over the last two years.

At a time when consumers are looking to increase their intake of protein, this is something that will drive demand for plant-based protein products.

animal protein

Currently, 42% of consumers say that they turn to plant-based food and drink as a source of protein. This shows that such plant protein is becoming increasingly mainstream and are not just restricted to consumers who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.

However, whilst plant protein is growing in popularity, consumers continue to prefer animal-based protein sources.

Indeed 61% of consumers say they do turn to meat as a source of protein, whilst 73% say this when it comes to dairy.

Meanwhile, 37% of consumers believe that plant protein is less tasty than animal protein, whilst 27% believe it is less nutritious and 31% more expensive. These figures will act as barriers when it comes to plant protein products

The research serves to highlight the importance of not over-estimating the popularity of plant protein products as the expense of animal-based protein products.

Data based on 10,000 respondents surveyed Q4 2018

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