Dairy consumption in China

3rd July 2019

2 July 2019

Dairy consumption in China 

In China, 50% of consumers drink fresh milk on a daily basis and 44% of consumers consume pure yogurt on a daily basis. Although the consumption of dairy products in China is increasing, 27% of consumers stated they reduced the consumption of ice cream, cream (26%) and butter (25%). This shows that consumers are actively avoiding products that are traditionally believed to be unhealthy. One reason for changes in consumer dietary habits is because they are actively becoming more conscious about their health.

dairy in china

FMCG Gurus research shows consumers deem the dairy sector to be moderately healthy, including categories characteristically linked with indulgence; such as ice cream, butter, and cheese. This is because a substantial number of consumers consider such goods to have authentic nutritional value regardless of the calorie and fat content.

Research suggests product purity is highly important to consumers in China. One key factor being product safety and transparency around grocery formulation, due to high profile safety scare’s over the past decade. As well as, the purity which is associated with being guilt-free because such goods tend to be tastier and healthier.

It is evident that consumers are altering their dietary habits to help address issues such as obesity. Consumers are switching to healthier products such as plant milk, soy milk and pure yogurt due to their nutritional value. Brands, need to ensure they are able to offer innovative natural ingredient-based foods, due to their desirability and transparency around grocery formulation to meet evolving consumer needs.

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