Probiotics: Do consumers really know the benefits?

2nd July 2019

2 July 2019

Probiotics in France

What are probiotics?

Probiotic products contain live bacteria and yeast and are said to have a variety of health benefits. These benefits can include; helping balance digestive health, keeping a healthy heart, & boosting the immune system.

What do consumers want?

Many consumers do not understand or know what probiotics are. 51% of consumers say they have not purchased probiotics in the last 12 months due to a lack of understanding of what they are used for. This suggests companies should present the benefits of probiotics better, to increase customer knowledge on the ingredient.

Probiotics fit into your nutrition via food & drink or supplements. 65% of consumers in France consume probiotics through yogurt, whether this is in a drink form or in a cup, compared to 36% of consumers who consumer probiotics through the form of supplements.

Probiotics France

70% of people who have purchased probiotics over the last 12 months prefer food and drink products over supplements. This is because these consumers feel that food and drink probiotics are easier to purchase (18%), healthier (16%), and are seen as more natural than supplements (17%). Although food and drink probiotics are currently more popular amongst consumers, 43% of these have stated they would be open to switching to probiotic supplements.

Overall consumers are including probiotics within their daily diets (52%) to increase their overall health, and to help with uncomfortable symptoms. However, Brands should realise there is an increased need to help consumers understand the benefits for continued growth.

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