Pet Care Health in 2022

14th October 2022

14th October 2022

Pet Care Health in 2022


Pet care health is a topic that has gained significant importance among consumers who are pet owners. FMCG Gurus market research illustrates that the majority of pet owners own a cat or dog as a result of having a fondness for pets, often since childhood, standing as 39% of both cat and dog owners. Due to this fondness and the consequent emotional connection to their pets, owners are ensuring that the foods, supplements, and treats bought for their pets are of high nutritional value, which will ensure that their pet remains in optimal condition.

In addition to the health benefits of products, consumers also value indulgence for their pets, as they are often considered a key part of the family. This is indicated in the form of purchasing treats for their pets, which function as a component of an overall balanced diet.

A significant number of pet owners are also open to considering new products, with 29% of cat owners and 30% of dog owners who browse the shops with an open mind. This allows consumers to determine which products will be best suited to their pet’s needs. So, in the competitive and oversaturated market of pet care products, how can you make your products and brand stand out?

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Multifunctional Products

FMCG Gurus consumer insights demonstrate that 30% of pet owners are increasingly adopting research methods to distinguish the best-suited product to their pet’s needs. This illustrates that consumers are showing a lot more interest in the various components of products so that they provide their pets with the best quality. When it comes to the researching and purchasing habits of pet owners’, the multifunctional benefits of products are of key importance. This includes products with versatile ingredients and beneficial claims, which consumers associate with maximum efficacy and convenience.

Within these multifunctional benefits, the nutritional profile of pet care stands as the utmost significant factor. For instance, the research shows that 65% of cat care consumers and 68% of dog care consumers value the nutritional profile of products the most. This indicates how consumers favor products that have numerous active ingredient claims, indicative of immunity and digestive health as a priority. Due to this overarching importance of the health and wellness of pets, owners value evidence that reflects the health claims of products. This has a significant influence on purchasing habits.

While more and more brands include these health claims on their packaging, there is an ever-growing demand for evidence. Consumers are often skeptical about the health claims on product packaging and are drawn to products that transparently provide evidence for these claims. As a result, it is required that rather than merely stating health benefits, brands must display ingredients and demonstrate both scientific and clinically proven evidence to assist the claims on the packaging.

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Green and Clean

In an age of an environmental crisis, consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about adopting sustainable and eco-friendly consumption methods. This has engendered a growing demand for pet care products that are regarded as ethical or environmentally friendly. FMCG Gurus consumer insights outline that 38% of cat owners and 40% of dog owners are seeking out brands that adopt sustainable initiatives. This can include green and clean methods of production, which tend to avoid the artificial ingredients and chemicals that are seen as harmful to both the wellbeing of their pet and the environment.

A branch of green and clean production and consumption is the importance of generating minimal waste and in turn, the act of being resourceful. For example, developing packaging which creates little waste and has optimal resourcefulness, which will attract the eco-conscious consumer. For a product to be resourceful, it must use little packaging or be manufactured in a way that minimizes the risk of food waste. This ensures that the product can be used up before the consumer purchases a new one. The resourceful nature of products also benefits consumers within the contemporary cost-of-living crisis, as it ensures that brands provide products with great value for money.


As a whole, pet owners lack the time, inclination, and financial capabilities to decipher between specific products, so favor products that have a multifunctional nature, with health benefits at the forefront.

Another way of standing out from your competitors is to display authentic health claims, which are backed up by evidence. Brands engaging in storytelling is a successful way to do so too, as it allows brands to reassure consumers of the maximum care and attention employed in the manufacturing process. This includes presenting information regarding the sourcing of ingredients, the specialized formulation processes, and the distribution of methods. Storytelling also allows brands to present their green and clean methods of production, to encourage a minimal carbon footprint when it comes to consumption.

This article is based on FMCG Gurus: Pet Care Health – Global Report 2022. For more information, please click here.

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