Whats next for digestive health?

18th June 2019

18 June 2019

Global consumers express interest in digestive health

Digestive health is integral to the general wellbeing of everyone, at every life stage. With poor digestive health comes uncomfortable symptoms which leave consumers feeling embarrassed. This is now becoming a topical issue as 56% of consumers globally are expressing an interest in more information about improving their digestive health.

digestive health

An average of 40% of consumers are actively interested in improving digestive health. The rise of digestive health is partly due to the fact that consumers are more aware of how food and drink can alleviate symptoms.

1 in 4 consumers are currently suffering from lactose sensitivity/intolerance, with 21% looking to address the issue with food, drinks, and supplements over the next 12 months. This is similar to the 1 in 5 people who suffer from gluten sensitivity/intolerance, as 19% are looking to address this issue.

lactose intolerant

Regarding dietary changes, consumers have taken to eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, exercising and making greater attempts to stay hydrated. On average, 36% of consumers identify fiber as the key ingredient when aiding digestive health. Consumers also state that Probiotics is a key ingredient with 26% associating it with aiding digestive health.

33% of consumers are showing a desire to feel more relaxed and more active. Both being able to relax, and be active are elements of an overall healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally. Overall by changing their diets and consciously looking for claims to aid digestive health, consumers are searching for ways to improve their overall health.

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