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30th October 2019

30th October 2019

Global Clean Label Blog

What is Clean Label?

Clean label is very much an industry term that is still not fully understood by consumers. FMCG Gurus research shows that consumers better understand this term as products that are natural with fewer ingredients.

Do Consumers Want Natural Products?

Global consumers are now turning to more natural products when it comes to food and drink. This is seen as seven in ten consumers believe it is important that products are 100% natural. Consumers believe that this is important as natural products are seen as healthier.

When using the term natural, consumers can associate this with many different attributes. The main 3 attributes consumers associate the word natural with are; the product is sugar-free (46%), the product is healthier (45%), and finally, the product is free from synthetic ingredients (45%).

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Claims can be very useful when targeting consumers who are looking for natural products. The claim ‘the use of real ingredients’ is seen as an influential term as 56% of global consumers agree with this. These consumers who believe this term is influential or very influential are also willing to pay extra for these products (44%).

The Environment

Consumers are becoming more aware of the impact their lives are having on the environment and issues such as global warming. This has led to many consumers adapting their lifestyle to help improve the state of the environment before it is too late (please see our sustainability survey here). Over 60% of consumers believe it is important that products are environmentally friendly when buying food and drink. Over 50% of consumers also believe that environmentally friendly products are appealing.

What Products do Consumers Want Natural Claims?

When buying products consumers believe it is important that fruit and vegetables are 100% natural. Along with fruit and vegetables, 55% of consumers also believe it is important that biscuits are natural. People also think it is important that yogurt (61%) is natural.

This blog is based on our Global Clean Label survey Q3 2019 set in 25 countries and 25,000 respondents. For more details on this survey please Click Here.

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